LIFE WILDisland monitoring meeting and Danube Festival


The LIFE WILDisland project partners will come together once again in July 1-2nd.

The first day will take place in Kopacevo, Croatia, hosted by the Kopački rit Nature Park. It will be devoted to discussing the socio-economic monitoring developed within the project.  It is intended as a comprehensive Danube-wide survey to measure and quantify the general public’s understanding for nature conservation and protected areas, citizens’ awareness for the value of the Danube’s Natura 2000 sites, and their acceptance of riverine wilderness. Finally, the survey evaluates the locals’ understanding for investments in river and habitat restoration.

In the afternoon the project partners will visit the LIFE WILDisland project site in Croatia, where Kopacki rit and Hrvatske sume will carry out forestry actions.

The second day will start with discussing the monitoring concepts for river restoration actions so all project partners can compare, explain and coordinate their monitoring strategies. The participants will move upstream to Duna-Drava National Park in Hungary and join a canoe trip from Külső-Béda oxbow to Debrina island to see the place of planned LIFE WILDisland forest restoration actions, carried out together with aduvizig.

The event will end at the Dunai Mosás - “Washing the Danube” ("pranje na Dunavu") Festival in Mohacs. The festival takes place for a 13th time and will demonstrate the painstaking laundry processes of their ancestors. On the banks of the river there will be a special folklore show and, of course, baking and cooking. Stuffed cabbage, one of the Sochi people's traditional dishes, will be available in all quantities. The cabbage dish in a clay pot is a favourite of many.

The activities will start on Saturday July 2nd, at 3 p.m. with the lighting of the fire, followed at 4 p.m. by the parade from the circle's headquarters in Mihály Táncsics Street to Sokac Rév.

At 4.30 pm, the traditional group of the association will start the washing, followed by a cultural programme. Dinner is expected to be ready at 7 pm, while the ball will start at 8 pm, with authentic bands.

Join us in Mohacs!