LIFE Platform meeting Linz


The current progress of the LIFE WILDisland project was presented at the common Platform Meeting of all Austrian LIFE-funded projects, organized in May 22-23 in Linz, Austria.

The LIFE Platform is an event where project stakeholders can inform and exchange information about ongoing LIFE projects. It provides excellent opportunities for networking and experience exchange, getting to know the actors on field, follow their practical progress and results as well as hear the news, concerning the LIFE programme of the European Commission. All Austrian project partners of the WILDisland projects were there - the Donau-Auen National Park, viadonau and Verbund to present the excellent work they are doing within other ongoing projects as well.

The meeting was hosted by the ambitions 9-year nation/wide project Integrated River Solutions Austria (LIFE IRIS) and co-hosted by Land Oberösterreich and our WILDisland partners from viadonau.

As a part of the exciting agenda, the participants could visit one of the LIFE IRIS pilot sites - the Donau-Marktau, a revitalized side arm and a reecently reestablished new island below a hydropower station, very similar to what will soon be done within the WILDisland project at Asten-Abwinden, just several kilometers downstream. Within the LIFE IRIS, an additional gravel island and a side branch in the downstream section of the hydropower plant Ottensheim will be created. By lowering the terrain, pioneer areas for gravel islands and floodplain forest sites will be established and the flood runoff will be improved. The excursion was lead by the local experts and our current partners from viadonau and Verund.

This is an excellent example of the synergies between the LIFE projects running in a single country and the great experience and success our own partners have achieved within similar replication actions and initiatives. Furthermore, it is always a please to get inspired by the great motivation and energy of all other partner projects, exchange ideas and discuss common challenges and planning issues.

We would like to thank all the colleagues for the inspiration and great work!