Persina NP won the Living Danube Award 2024


We are happy to announce that our WILDisland partner Persina Nature Park Directorate is the proud winner of the shared first prize "The Living Danube" for 2024 awarded by the Danube Natural Heritage Foundation, Neuburg Germany. The award ceremony took place on 29 June, on the eve of the Danube Day, at Grünau Castle in Neuburg.

The Danube River is an extremely important ecological corridor, home to many plant and animal species. In today's world it is difficult to find a balance between the overexploitation of this biological resource and human activity. Although small steps have been taken in the positive direction of protecting the danube wetlands, every place along the river that is preserved and restored is an oasis for biodiversity and a priceless treasure. In this regard, the efforts of the people and organisations that are working to restore and maintain this fragile ecological balance do not go unnoticed. On 29 June, during the celebrations dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Danube Day, organisations that counteract the loss of biodiversity and work towards the conservation of the Danube's natural heritage were awarded.

For the third time, the Danube Natural Heritage Foundation, Neuburg, Germany, presented the Living Danube Award, worth a total of EUR 15,000, and a gold medal with an image of a King fisher, which is promoted internationally.  The award is given to projects contributing to nature conservation along the Danube. "The goals of the awarded organisations are directly aimed at preserving the natural functions of the river and its wetlands for future generations," the foundation said in a press release. For the year 2024, the first place was shared between two finalists, Persina Nature Park Bulgaria and the Association for Nature Conservation in Bavaria - District Organization Degendorf, Germany.

The award for Persina Nature Park was personally presented by Countess Maya de Mouline to the Director of the Park, Eng. Stella Bozhinova. In its participation, for the first time, Nature Park Persina presented to the general public the restored wetland on the territory of the park, as well as its long-standing work to maintain the water balance on Persin island, which has become a paradise and a priceless natural treasure. "The Living Danube is an international recognition of the Park's efforts. It provides an opportunity to forge new links with a range of stakeholders and also opportunities to share good practice. The award will be directed towards the implementation of conservation activities carried out by the Percina Nature Park Dorectorate for more than 23 years.

Text: Persina Nature Park Directorate

Photos: Stiftung Naturerbe Donau / Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Korbel