Schwalbeninsel project site visit


On Friday, April 14th, experts from Donau-Auen National Park and the engineering company RIOCOM visited the Schwalbeninsel complex in Austria. The aim of the visit was to optmize the planning for the embankment removal and groyne adaptation provided for this area.

RIOCOM was assigned to make a detailed techincal plan and calculation of the material which will be removed, as well as a hydrological model to assess the lack of impact of the proposed actions on the waterway so that the relevant authorities can issue the required permits. In addition to that, the WILDisland project has a fixed budget for the construction works, so it is really important to consider the best section for embankment removal and the most efficient way to open or adapt the existing groynes to achieve the best conservation output possible.

The visit took place after the first meeting, organized by viadonau to discuss the requirements and expectations for the planning of the restoration actions at the Schwalbeninsel island.

We are really happy that the rainy day did not scare the expert from RIOCOM and we had a wonderful opportunity to present our ideas and consider possible actions on site.

We are looking forward to the progress of their work and the following redynamization of this picturesque and valuable section of the Danube and the Schwalbeninsel island complex.