WILDisland decorated the River Lab in Schlossinsel


The interactive river laboratory (Fluss Labor) of the visitor centre of the Donau-Auen National Park received a new signboard, explaining the great signficance of river dynamics and restoration actions to achieve and maintain WILDislands.

The river lab, also known as the flow table, is an educational tool that was developed exclusively for the Donau-Auen National Park and has been a very well-known and loved attraction for years. We use this model of a river landscape to simulate processes in nature. It shows the course of a naturally flowing body of water and is designed to simulate natural events such as floods, but also infrastructure projects such as dams. One can control the debit of the flow and observe the change in the transport of sediments and the course of the stream.

The WILDisland project supplied the new fresh signboard for the Lab and we tested it at the Danube Day 2024, when 330 kids from schools from Vienna and Lower Austria, lead by our experienced rangers, could try it out!

We are happy to be able to inform and engage especially our youngest visitors, demonstrating the power and the beauty of the free-floating Danube!