WILDisland at the ICPDR Ordinary Meeting


Representatives of the WILDisland project and DANUBEPARKS participated in the 25th Ordinary Meeting of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), which took place on 13-14th December in Vienna, Austria.

DANUBEPARKS is an official observer to the Commission and we got the chance to present the LIFE WILDisland project and our intentions to set up a WILDisland Ramsar Regional Initiative (RRI) in order to foster international cooperation and mobilize additional political engagement and financial resources.

We are happy to announce that after the presentation, the ICPDR officially adopted a resolution, to

welcome and to support the preparation of the Danube WILDisland Ramsar Regional Initiative by DANUBEPARKS.

We see this as another milestone for our idea for a RRI, as we have now officially the support from all countries in the Danube Region in addition to the ones, who already signed the Communiqué at the WILDisland kick-off conference in May 2022.

During the other parts of the agenda, we got praised for taking part in the Danube Day 2022 and we will most certainly support ICPDR in planning and carrying out the event in 2023.

Additionally, representatives of the EU strategy for the Danube region (EUSDR), mentioned the newly approved Danube4All project where DANUBEPARKS is also involved with two ambitious restoration measures in Austria and Hungary.

We highly appreciate these opportunities to expand our network, recruit support and recognition for our river restoration actions and are really thankful to the ICPDR for their kind cooperation and support!

For more information:
Georg Frank - Donau-Auen National Park: g.frank@donauauen.at

Presentation of the WILDisland project and Ramsar initiative
WILDisland Ramsar Resolution, accepted by ICPDR