Jointly for the Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor



river kilometres






ha of dynamic island habitats



untouched or completely natural islands



ha of wilderness

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Our vision

The Danube is an ecological corridor of European importance. Together with its diverse habitats it forms the green lifeline for biodiversity in Central and South-East Europe.

Along the river course, more than 900 islands cover an area of 138,000 hectares. These sites represent still intact river dynamics; they demonstrate the original beauty of natural rivers, hosting valuable habitats with a unique flora and fauna. They differ strongly in their size, structure and origin, but together they form the Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor.

147 islands were identified as the most natural islands, representing some of the rare wilderness areas in Europe.

WILDislands - The Danube Wild Island Habitat Corridor

  • strengthens the ecological connectivity along the Danube river
  • preserves the natural wilderness in the heart of Europe
  • promotes river dynamics as the key driver for undisturbed nature
  • demonstrates good practice for cross-sector and cross-border cooperation

3,000 river kilometres, 9 Danube countries, 900 islands – the WILDislands act as stepping stones crossing all borders!