WILDisland synergies in Hungary


On 10th July 2023, the DANUBEPARKS and WILDisland teams visited the Middle Danube demonstration site as part of the ongoing DANUBE4all project.

Located in Sződliget, approximately 30 km north of Budapest within the beautiful surroundings of Duna-Ipoly National Park, this project site showcases a remarkable opportunity for river re-dynamization and ecological restoration. The field visit was led by a representative of the Duna-Ipoly Nature Park, Hungary, and allowed us to discuss the provided actions, potential synergies, and follow-up projects and plan the future steps in detail.

The highlight of this site visit was discussing the optimization of two river groynes, aimed at revitalizing this section of the river. By removing the roots of two groynes and adapting the area between them, DANUBEPARKS and its partners seek to enhance the natural flow dynamics of the river, benefiting various aquatic species, particularly juvenile fish. Moreover, the proposed measures aim to reduce wave stress and foster the creation of a small river island between the two groynes, which is expected to positively impact the overall biodiversity in this area. The expected results are in full compliance with the WILDisland concept for river redznamization and riparian island protection.

We also discussed possible other projects in the area, such as additional side-arm restoration and further groyne adapation ideas we hope to eventually be able to implement together.

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