Educational workshop in Croatia


Kopački rit Nature Park organized an educational workshop about the LIFE WILDisland project with 44 students of the Elementary School Bilje on 08.05.2023.

The event was also used to carry out the socio-economic effect baseline survey aiming to help us better understand how local people percieve our conservation efforts and see the future of the Danube.

After that, the project team from JUPPKR presented the project and held field classes for school children on the importance of softwood riparian forests as a valuable habitat for endangered species of plants and birds. School children were 5th grade students. We are planning to repeat the socio-economic study and this workshop every year with same students in order to check the change of their understand of project effect after 4 years.

For more information, please contact:
Vlatko Rožac, Kopački rit Nature Park,