Excavator for island restoration, Serbia


JP "Vojvodinašume", Serbia purchased a long-arm excavator within the LIFE WILDisland project. The new machine was officially presented by the  director of JP "Vojvodinašume" Roland Kokai.

The new machine will be used for sediment removal and dredging for the restoration of old side arms and channels in the area of SRP "Gornje Podunavlje", Serbia.

The WILDisland project provides that "Vojvodinašume" enter the area to convert an artificial plantation into near a natural riparian forest stand, as well as revitalize two former islands, restoring two former natural Danube side arms (540 meters long and 340 meters long, located on the Mišvaldski Danube), currently silted with sediments. This would result in the "re-establishment" of the two former islands RS084 and RS085. The newly restored area will then be officially exempted from human activities, relying on non-intervention management to ensure the preservation of the valuable riparian habitats.

Here you can watch a presentation of the new equipment and the project in Serbian:


...and here are some action shots of the official presentation of the excavator:


For more information:
Ivana  Vasic - Vojvodinasume: ivana.vasic@vojvodinasume.rs