Forest actions in Croatia have started

Hrvaste sume in cooperation with the Kopacki rit Nature Park are the Croatian partners of the LIFE WILDisland project, in charge of transformation of plantations and planting of native softwood forests on an area of 37 ha on the island of HR21. Characteristic species including white willows, black poplar and white poplars will be planted in order to achieve long-term positive effects for alluvial woodstands and biodiversity.

Since the only access to the island is by boat,  careful planning is necessary. This is why, between 15-29 March 2022, employees of the Tikveš forestry measured trees of non-native species in all areas planned for restoration. The measurement of trees is the starting point for further planning of works.

For more information, please contact: Zdenko Turniški / LIFE WILDisland manager Hrvatske šume: