Forest transformation continues on Táti islands


The Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate (DINPD) is continuing the transformation of artificial forest plantations of hybrid poplar on an area of 2.6 ha on the Táti islands, started in March 2022.

Before starting the contracting process of the elimination of invasive tree species (especially Acer negundo, Acer saccharinum, Morus alba and Fraxinus pennsylvanica) from the entire 56 ha of the island, DINPI carried out two small scale ‘experimental’ treatments for determining the most optimal management methods for the future:

  • Elimination with hand tools – the smaller individuals were either totally removed by hands or cut down at the top of the roots by hand tools, while the larger ones were either cut down by chain saw at the roots or were mechanically rang around their trunks. This treatment were carried out on the ‘Csitri’ island shown with green on the map.
  • Elimination with heavy machinery – all individuals were totally removed. Here, DINPI tested the efficiency of various sizes of machinery and the different working depths (see the locations with red on the map).

First phase (1,4 ha) of the full transformation of a hybrid poplar stand of 2,6 ha is going on according to the schedule.

Cutting down and transporting hybrid poplars (app. 5-10% of trees will be left for shading and future dead wood) was done in 2023, followed by planting indigenous tree species (e.g. oak, ash, elm, poplar, etc.) without pre-ploughing the area, carried out in March 2023. The regular yearly treatments are currently continuing.

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