Preparation works at Ingolstadt, Germany

The WILDisland project provides for the initiation of new island in Ingolstadt, Germany. This action is carried out by the state-owned energy company Uniper, which operates several hydro-power plants, in cooperation with ARGE Donauauwald, LK Neuburg-Schrobenhausen. 

The reconnection of existing waterbodies with the Danube aims to dynamize the side branch and to restore a Danube island and after the restoration, non-intervention management and strictly protection under national law will make this island to an important stepping stone for softwood forests and characteristic species.

In the course of dam rehabilitation and in preparation of the project measures in Ingolstadt, dam protection made of riprap in the area of the oxbow has been carried out, as required by the Water Management Authority. At the same time, structural measures (rootstocks) were installed in this area since the conversion to an island is expected to increase the load at the base of the dam.  

In the meantime, Uniper is currently preparing the technical plans and will start the procedure to obtain approvals from the authorities in 2024.