Korpádi islands technical plans submitted for approval


The DDNPD is planning a wildisland restoration at Korpádi island within Danube-Drava National Park and also within HUDD20032 Gemenc Natura 2000 site. As commercial forestry has affected the majority of floodplain forests, the preservation of unmanaged forest patches like the ones on the Korpádi island is very important for nature conservation. The lack of river dynamics in the area however results in sedimentation and the loss of islands and aquatic habitats.

In the year of 2022 the blueprint or the preliminary environmental impact assessment has been developed by the DDNPD and the Lower-Danube- valley Water Management Directorate (ADUVIZIG). The aim of the restoration is to improve water discharge of existing side branch also at low-level water situations.

The planned activity has two, main elements:

          i) lowering the bed of a sidebranch by dredging app. 31.000  m3 of sediment. By the dredging activity, we will create a channel, which will be 1700 m long and 8 m at the bottom, so the bottom will be lower than the low water navigation level, allowing for water to always get in.

          ii) two groyns will be partially opened to provide free-flowing water within the deepened side branch. The openings will be more than 10 meters wide and app. 2000 m3 of stone will be removed.

Once completed, the actions will improve the water regime of the islands, preventing the sedimentation of the islands and the riverbank. A reactivated side branch will prevent the disturbance of softwood riparian forests on the island and will cease any forestry activity which may decrease the natural state of the habitat.

The relevant nature conservation authority has already approved the EIA documentation, which is a very important milestone in the developing process.

We will therefore be able to launch the water permitting procedure soon, and presumably by the end of 2023 all the necessary permits will be issued so the construction works could start!

For more information:
Tibor Parrag - Duna-Drava National Park: tibor.parrag@ddnp.hu

Photo: Kiskorpadi Islands / Duna-Drava NP