Monitoring actions in Austria


The LIFE WILDisland focuses on the conservation and restoration of softwood habitats. Changes in the hydrological regime of waterbodies, forestry and plantations, invasive alien species and direct human pressure (e.g. recreation) are considered as main threats for this habitat type. The project conservation activities are designed to address these threats, often through large-scale construction works. In order to assess and document the effect of the project activities, local monitoring programmes will take place at each of the project sites.

In Austria, considerable river restoration measures will be carried out below the Abwinden-Asten Hydropower Plant near Linz as well as in the Donau-Auen National Park, Lower Austria.

Significanat embankment removal, side-arm restoration, dredging and groyne adaptation are planned in order to improve the river hydrology and morphology and directly impact the riparian vegtation and softwood forest stands.

The project team has already started the pre-monitoring on the current morphology and vegetation in the two sites. The changes on the bank morphology will be recorded using and analyzing drone imagery, while vegetation cover is currently studied by an external expert surveying and comparing sample plots before and after the restoration measures.

We are really looking forward to seeing the positive change on site and we will keep you posted!

Aerial photos: Aaron Griesbacher, Donau-Auen National Park


Abwinden-Asten hydropower plant with an overview of the embankment, which will be removed