Mouth Ussel technical plans approved


We are really happy to inform you that the technical plans for the restoration of the Mouth Ussel project area in Germany have been approved!

The plans were elaborated and submitted to the relevan authorties by Uniper as early as November 2022. Within the alignment process, the water authority Ingolstadt requested an additional two dimensional water level calculation for the mouth where the Ussel flows into the Danube river, which was added to the planning documents. As a result of the correspodence and improvements made, the technical plans have now finally received formal permision.

The project action strives to remove the embankments near the mouth of the river Ussel on a stretch of about 1 km at the left riverbank of the Danube (rkm 2486.3-2487.4). This is expected to assist the reconnection of a side branch and thus restore the island character of river island DE102.

Uniper is currently starting the procurement for the revitalization works, expected to start already in winter 2024/2025. We will keep you posted!

For more information: Uta Mendez/UNIPER LIFE WILDisland Project Manager: