Persina, Wetlands Day and kids!


Persina Nature Park in Bulgaria celebrated the World Wetlands Day together with the "Nature" Department at RHM - Pleven and "Sluntze" kindergarten Pleven.

The children from IV "b" group "Pchelichki" and IV "a" group "Mnogoznayko" took part in games dedicated to "The richness of wetlands". In the pre-prepared interactive workshop they had the opportunity to learn about the most vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. The little curious ones learned what wetlands are, who their inhabitants are, what should be done to protect them and what is the right habitat for birds, frogs, fish and other organisms. They also got to know why WILDislands are important and why do we need to protect them. They listened to the sounds of different species of frogs and finally relaxed on the shore of the pond, which they filled with animals themselves.

World Wetlands Day this year was dedicated to the need for wetland restoration and was held under the slogan "It's time to restore wetlands".

On 2 February 1971, the Ramsar Convention was signed in the Iranian city of Ramsar. It was the first of the modern global international treaties for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, and it remains the only treaty that targets a specific ecosystem - wetlands.

We would like to thank the children from the " Sluntze " kindergarten for the surprise prepared for the "Persina" SPA - drawings dedicated to biodiversity!

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