LIFE WILDisland was presented at the RIPA-1 Conference


The LIFE WILDisland project was presented during the first international conference on Riparian Ecosystems Science and Management, held in April 6-7th in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The conference was organized by the COST Action CONVERGES (, by the Plant Science & Biodiversity Center, Slovak Academy of Sciences and united more than 80 scientists, experts and conservationists in the field of riparian forests. The participants discussed contemporary pressures; monitoring and indicators of environmental state; mapping and modelling; ecology and habitats; as well as management and restoration. The LIFE WILDisland project was presented as an excellent example of practical conservation of riparian forests and intact islands, achieved through wide-scale international and cross-sector cooperation.

The second day was devoted to large scale perspectives; working with citizens and conclusions. The event ended with a wonderful field trip to the willow-poplar riparian forest and willow shrub formations along the Danube, including a visit to the newly connected "Devínske rameno" branch and the the Devín castle historical monument, where Morava meets the Danube.

The field trip was lead by BROZ: the NGO, responsible for the for revitalization actions carried out on the spot and also a key partner in the LIFE WILDisland project.

The conference was an excellent example of the synergies between the European funding schemes, inviting several projects supported by the LIFE mechanism for practical on-site conservation at the final conference of this COST-funded action, aiming at research and innovation networks, all united for improving the status and preservation of riparian forests.

We are very grateful for the invitation and the wonderful networking opportunity to get to know the work of a number of colleagues and projects devoted to riparian forest conservation and awareness raising!

The abstracts and the list of participants can be found here.

LIFE WILDisland project presentation
Project team
On-site visit, lead by LIFE WILDisland project partner BROZ
Newly connected "Devínske rameno" branch, restoration coordinated by BROZ
Site map of the newly connected "Devínske rameno" branch, restoration coordinated by BROZ