Schwalbeninsel site preparation started


The final stage of the technical planning of the restoration actions targeting the Schwalbeninsel island complex in Austria has startedwith the clearing of the overgrown tow path along the Danube bank on site. This will allow the entry of heavy machinery to carry out on-site sampling to assess the quantity of stones that must be removed and enable the precise calculation of the construction costs of the planned revitalization measures.

Once the expected costs are clear, the team of viadonau, the Austrian waterway operator and LIFE WILDisland project partner responsible for the implementation of the restoration works, will be able to estimate how much of the total work provided in the technical plans can be carried out within the project budget available.

These calculations are taking place while the technical plans, preapred by the engineering company RIOCOM in close cooperation with the experts of Donau-Auen Naitonal Park and viadonau are awaiting for legal approval.

We remain optimistic that we will obtain the permits, carry out the on-site sampling and complete the calculations with the revitalization works in the winter of 2024.