Erebe island technical plans approved


The Erebe island complex includes 6 islands in Fertő-Hanság National Park, Hungary, 4 of them with high potential for restoration. The LIFE WILDisland project provides for large-scale revitalization measures for the
opening of the navigation infrastructure, re-dynamization of the sidearm; dredging of sediments to ensure a dynamic side branch and restored island habitats on a long term.

We are happy toannounce that the formal permits for the Erebe-island project site have finally been obtained!

The technical plans of the Erebe-islands wetland restoration were finished in the early weeks of 2022. After that the Fertő-Hanság National Park team started a very lengthy process to get the plans accepted by the joint Slovak-Hungarian Border Rivers Committee. In order to ease the process, a brief summary of the technical plan was produced in Slovak language too. The process was intentisively supported by the strategic partner North-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate.

The relevant Nature Conservation Department in the Regional Governmental Authority requested an additional and more detailed Natura 2000 feasibility study before accepting the technical plan of the Erebe-island wetand reconstruction measures. The study was prepared and submitted for approval.

After a green light was received from the joint SK-HU committee and from the Nature Conservation Department in the Regional Governmental Authority, FHNPD was able to submit the entire technical plan documentation to the relevant Regional Water-management Authority in May 2023.

Having finally just obtained the legal permits, FHNPD will now start the preparation of the tendering procedure to select the company which will do the revitalization work on site and we are looking forward to the beginning of the work at the start of 2024!

We will keep you updated!